Cheap International Calls

Dial access numbers and make cheap or free international calls from landlines and mobiles to hundreds of international destinations with We provide you with access numbers which you can use to call from the UK at discount rates or even free! We use the latest systems with reliable next generation networks to provide the best possible connections.

Just dial our easy to remember access numbers before you dial your destination number. You will be connected at our cheap call rates. Save immediately on international calls with our convenient access number service.

Cheap Calls - Landline


Enjoy cheap calling rates for all international destinations from UK landlines. Try our dial access numbers service now and you will find that we offer discount rates for international calling from any UK landline.

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Cheap Calls - Mobile


Make international calls from your mobile phone while on the move! Top up with call credit by simply sending a text message and get discount rates on calls to hundreds of international destinations.

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Free International Calls


If you have inclusive minutes to 0870 numbers from your home, office or mobile phone then simply dial our 0870 access number to call 100+ international destinations. Free international calls from UK landlines and mobiles!

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"Thank you so much for your great service! I can call my sister in the Italy and not worry about the cost. Thanks again" - Gina

"Since I started using this service I have saved hundreds of pounds in phone bills and I get to stay in touch with my relatives in the Caribbean" - Andrew